Who Are We?

As FL Fuar, we have been creating innovative solutions in international standards in order to offer boutique solutions in exhibition logistics, away from the long rooted logics of "We are a forwarding company and we can make any transportation." 

Our Pearls 

We offer fair and logistic services to more than 2.300 companies in 494 different specialty fairs in 50 different countries with our expert staff having the experience of 22 years in its area.  

Within the scope of our boutique services special for our customers, we manage the entire process from the beginning to the end and give support in areas such as international coordination and legal compliance of transactions etc.

At all levels of our Company, we represent our customers at the highest level with 100% customer satisfaction and our more quality service understanding for a better price and continue walking on our road with growth and success without losing any of our customers. 

Our Approach

We believe that fair and event logistic services are rights of every company from inexperienced ones to the ones that attend fairs regularly every year and show that firms without any fair experience can also take place easily.  

We offer fast, quality, reliable and trusty service, continuously develop us and care for using the latest technology by following all innovations in line with our "Always one step ahead" approach.  

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