We believe that attendance to fairs brings a different excitement, experience and value to every company. You can benefit from our manual, which we prepared based on our 19 years of experience, for leading you.

Things to consider in fair selection and access:

  • While selecting the fair to be attended, searching whether the fair is suitable for your products or not
  • Selecting products to be exhibited in the fair according to the target market
  • Shaping the stand and features to be used depending on the fair are and your competitors
  • Qualifications and number of personnel that will be on duty at the stand depending on the size of the stand and popularity of the fair.
  • How transport shall be made to relevant country hosting the fair
  • How fairground will be accessed
  • Accommodation organization and distance between the fair center and accommodation area

Things to consider in products and their shipment:

Products to be exhibited in the fair must arrive at fair center and take their place in the stand on time and without any damage. We manage the process from A to Z as a company that has proven its success in this area many times.

  • Preparation of products
  • Suitable packaging
  • Compliance to customs regulations of respective country
  • Preparation and follow-up of relevant documents and papers
  • Informing companies to be cooperated and ensuring coordination
  • Product dispatch methods and deadlines
  • Custom clearance proceedings
  • Products' arrival at fair area

Things to consider in fair area management and product delivery:

Due to time constraints, it is very important to deliver products to stand completely and damage-free on scheduled date and to carry out preparations for returning after the fair coherently. We handle the entire process from delivery of the products at the stand to their delivery to the address designated by you after the fair.

  • Delivery and unloading of products at fair center
  • Their dispatching to the stand
  • Maintenance of empty containers
  • Maintaining auxiliaries such as treating, catalogues, brochures, which are needed during the fair at easily reachable places
  • At the end of the fair, bringing empty containers to the stand, packaging products and making them suitable for dispatch.